Voice is a critical part of modern communication and marketing. When you have the right voice for your project, it creates trust with your audience – to convince, educate, entertain, or even make you laugh out loud. Whatever your message may be, you want it to leave a lasting impression. A quality sound production and a professional speaker transforms your message into an experience.

Dictum is premium voice casting and recording studio, offering Finland’s most professional voice talents and sound post-production experience that spans decades. We specialize in recording, editing and mixing voiceovers for TV, radio, web and much more.

We can provide you with whatever level of service you need – from a comprehensive audio production to just recording and editing. We have a wide selection of industry-leading voice talents in many languages, and always provide the highest quality production for your project.  You can also choose to book voiceover actors to record elsewhere, or book our studio separately with your own talent.

Our main services are recording and editing, mixing, sound design, podcasts, speakers and casting.

You can read about our services also in Finnish.

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We are proud of our professional network of speakers. To preview our voiceover actors, search our speakers to preview audio clips, shortlist the voice samples you like the sound of, email it to yourself and any other stakeholders in your project, and get in touch with us to plan next steps. We are also happy to help with casting.

Are you a professional voice talent or an actor? Are you interested in joining Dictum’s speakers? Click here for instructions.


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Search our speakers voices and shortlist the samples you like.

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Did you find what you were looking for? Please get in touch with Paula, our Production Coordinator, for scheduling, quotes and casting enquiries.


We won’t overwhelm you with describing what each button does here – but  our seasoned Dictum sound engineers can answer whatever questions you have. These guys have been behind the desk, turning dials and directing productions for decades creating professional, award-winning projects for our clients.

Our main services are recording and editing, mixing, sound design, podcasts, speakers and casting.

Worldwide studio network

Dictum is affiliated with an international network of studios. We collaborate with studios worldwide in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and the UK to mention a few, which makes international, multi-lingual projects possible.

You can also direct the sessions remotely. Our studios are equipped with Session Link, Source Connect, Skype and MS Teams, which means you and your director can listen in from wherever you are, monitoring recording sessions remotely for the results you want. We collaborate on live voice productions with compatible studios around the world for reliable, real-time, international sound production.


Here you can find some of our audio production work done in our studios with our speakers. Check out our YouTube channel for more references!

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      Dictum is located in Ullanlinna, ten minutes from central Helsinki near the gorgeous Kaivopuisto park and sea. If you’re driving, you’ll find parking conveniently placed, next to the harbour on Merisatamanranta.

      Laivanvarustajankatu 2 D (inner yard)
      00140 Helsinki, FINLAND


      We are happy to help you with your project. Please email or give us a call!

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      Mauro Gargano

      Mauro Gargano

      Sound Engineer & Producer


      Hannu Kivinen

      Hannu Kivinen

      Sound Engineer & Producer

      +358 400 435 171 hannu.kivinen@dictum.fi

      Paula Jaskari

      Paula Jaskari

      Production Coordinator

      +358 50 584 4897 paula.jaskari@dictum.fi